Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking | Stotts Coaches

Stotts have also invested in fitting live vehicle tracking system to its vehicles which enables our operations department to monitor vehicle progress 24 hrs a day.

We are able to monitor vehicle progress, location, route taken, arrival and departure times.
Idle time and Carbon Usage reports are also available to assist us in reducing our carbon footprint
The Highways Departments Traffic England is used in conjunction with the tracking system to identify any hold ups on the motorway and A road network.

Director Carl Stott commented:
“Staying ahead of the competition is something that Stotts are keen to do, we are continually looking at new ways to operate and deliver an even more efficient and effective service. In 2009, our fleet was fitted with Road Angel live vehicle tracking system, which enabled us to monitor and manage our vehicle movements more efficiently, and enabled us to evaluate the ways in which we could reduce our impact on the environment.”

“A case study was carried out in 2010 following installation and reducing our vehicle idle times by just one hour per day significantly reduced our carbon usage and enabled us to make savings on fuel costs,” he added. “In 2012, as part of our continued commitment to business assessment and improvement, and taking the current economic climate into account, we introduced a transport cost analysis system that enables us to ensure all our costs are included when quoting for contracts. Moving forward, this will enable us to continue to provide a quality service to our customers.”

Vehicle Tracking | Stotts Coaches