COVID 19 Risk Assessments

E.Stott & Sons have conducted risk assessments to cover the risk and hazard to health due to COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

During the pandemic, we are using the following risk assessment process:

The creation of generic risk assessments, carried out in consultation with an employee representative

Review of existing control measures already in place.

Any additional control measures to be introduced.

Our risk assessment process includes the following control measures:


All management meetings and all other meetings conducted maintaining social distancing

Start finish times staggered wherever possible

Same personnel work together in a team wherever possible

Office space reviewed in accordance with social distancing requirements, staff numbers limited accordingly.

Signage attached to doors as to maximum capacity allowed within that area.

Reconfiguration of social, meeting and training areas to enable social distancing.

Information, notices, and guidance issued to staff advising:

What to do if potentially have symptoms of the Covid-19 virus

Advice to ensure washing hands and if unable too, to use hand sanitizer

Social distancing markers/signage installed where appropriate as a visual aid.

Hand sanitizer provided at various points around the depot for easy access..

Sanitising wipes/cleaning solution provided to all drivers so that they can wipe the cab area down with specific focus for cleaning of touch points.

Cleaning regimes reviewed and enhanced with specific focus for cleaning of touch points.

Face coverings and disposable gloves available to staff if they wish to use them.


Passenger numbers identified per vehicle type based on social distancing measures.

Appropriately sized vehicles used for expected number of passengers to be travelling.

Social distancing markings as a visual aid for passengers when boarding a bus, to stay suitable distance from the driver wherever possible.

Temporary screens installed at the driver cab doors.

Enhanced cleaning of vehicles with heightened focus on areas passengers may touch.

Notices placed on buses to advising:

To sit next to the window.

Wear a face covering.

Maintain social distancing where possible.

Following advice provided to customers by drivers:

Please wear a face covering when you’re on the bus – but not refuse access

This bus is busy, could you catch a later one? – but not refuse access

Further information can be obtained from:


Department for Transport

Local authority

The control measures listed above will be updated with any additional control measures identified through the risk assessment process.